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Riccardo and Roberto Colombo, together with his sister Nadia, welcomed the working legacy of their father, Franco, founder of the Muster&Dikson Company, a leader in the production of cosmetics, equipment and furniture for hairdressers and aesthetics.
"The Colombos" have always faced the market with a great charge of dynamism and professionalism, leading the family company to become one of the main international realities in the field of beauty.
Optimists and well-prepared look to the future with momentum, full of innovative and brilliant ideas.

Muster & Dikson, the family business, first forged and charmed them at the same time, with the fascination that our sector knows how to emanate towards those who dedicate themselves to it with enthusiasm and passion, then offered them the unique opportunity to interpret the choices, proposals, R&D, marketing and business strategies of a leading company that operates all over the field. , from cosmetics, to furniture, from equipment to professional aesthetics.
A challenge they have gathered with vigour, enthusiasm and desire to do. A challenge they have always shared with their sister Nadia and Franco, their father and founder of the company that was born almost 50 years ago.
They are passionate about their answers to Beauty Bazar's interview: they convey concreteness and foresight, together with the knowledge of an industry that "the Colombos" preside in all its folds, since Muster & Dikson, like perhaps no other, has always had a truly complete and diverse offer, aimed at the professional beauty market.

Will the future be better than the past?
Certainly better, because the "dark" periods, even sad, like the one we are all going through now, trigger the charges for a disruptive rescue.
The crisis challenges you, forces you to think more, to find out how you have to react and also to do it in a flash. It does so with each of us, regardless of its employment, the social class to which it belongs or its cultural background; in a word, it does it in a cross-cutting way.
It is precisely the reaction of all, first inadvertent, then obvious and finally synergistic, that will allow the system, as already in the past, to find new resources, to discover new ways to move forward again. We already see the signs, so the future will be better, there is no doubt about that.

Who wins, Marketing or Commercial?
Either they win together, or they don't win at all!
If a "mechanism" is created to promote the activity of a company, its gears must operate in perfect coordination, as in a precision watch or, better, as in a system of detection and self-diagnosis, designed to meet the needs and indeed to anticipate them, so as to always offer the ideal solution, able to satisfy them immediately.
Of course, there is room for overlap between the competences of the two areas, but for this very reason, they allow them to be integrated, as well as the clarity and uniqueness of the objectives; It is essential that relations between their leaders do not become confrontational, but rather interactive and aimed at a common intent.
For Muster & Dikson the Commercial is the "armed arm" and at the same time the antenna and lightning rod of Marketing, while the latter is an interpreter of the demands and needs, as well as the engine of the new proposals. A winning combination, proven and able to guarantee service, quality and innovation at the same time.

What is the new frontier of distribution?
The market is a "complex organism", which reacts readily to new stimuli, as well as difficulties and for this reason is selective, changing and sometimes "capricious".
But more than the whole market is diversified, to the point of suggesting different approach strategies depending on the circumstances and the interlocutors.
It is clear to everyone the acceleration that technological innovation has produced over the last 20 years, transforming our lives in an extraordinary way.
The market is the protagonist of this transformation, indeed it favors and the model, creating new opportunities and offering diversified or even "customized" solutions.
Therefore, we must be ready to offer a differentiated policy, capable of a simple and immediate distribution service, perhaps at the click of a button, but at the same time we must be willing to provide an articulated approach, if purported or necessary, that is rich in support, ideas, information, technical growth and transfer of experience.

And who can deny that these two "worlds" must coexist?
If we are witnessing the wider diversification of requests today, it is natural that distribution, as a service, must accommodate them all in a coherent and simultaneous manner: it is clear, therefore, the importance of each channel of contact with the professional operator and, more generally, with the public all. If anything, the delicate thing is to be able to follow them all with professionalism and timing, which at Muster & Dikson we try to do always with great commitment, collecting the satisfaction of the customer on time.

Will accessories have a new bearing on the management of services?
Small equipment, as well as "minuteries", are complementary to the use of tricologic and cosmetic products in general, to ensure a quality service and to perform technical treatments, even sophisticated, effectively and "without smudges".
The hairdresser knows this well and is certainly not refractory to the continued proposal of new solutions, which the industry offers him.
Accessories today play a fundamental role, which in the past has certainly been less obvious, but which has gradually assumed strategic and functional importance, to be "touched" in every self-respecting salon.

Muster & Dikson offers about 2000 professional articles, designed for professional use and often characterized by innovation, usability and design. The one for avant-garde accessories, from us is a real "ball": we are studying new solutions in a constant and systematic way, enriching our offer with continuous news that, in addition to providing a real help to the hairdresser, "turn the eye" to the beauty of the forms and the richness of the materials!

What is the most obvious feature of your company?
Innovation combined with service, no doubt!
Muster & Dikson has professional formulation and technological research in its DNA.
We have scientific and technical laboratories directly within our facility and their constant research work is the basis of our business and our success.
This is the direct consequence of the specialization, which from us "breathes" everywhere and differs division by division, but then find itself synergistic for the choices of strategy, for the marketing actions and the proposals to be put in place.
Already, because having expertise and experience in 360 degrees in such a particular sector, diversified and sometimes even eclectic, knowing the trilogic as well as special equipment and equipment, helps to really interpret with foresight the ways to follow, anticipating the market as protagonists and offering real solutions for those who work professionally.

In addition, Muster & Dikson has consistently invested in autonomous production, particularly in the trilogic. It is present in the company from the first debut on the market: sophisticated plants, verification equipment and automated lines, guarantee the excellent quality of every product that leaves our production lines of Cerro Maggiore

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