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Roberto Lucchini' General Manager of Operations of Iemme with his strong interest in this work that has allowed him to familiarize himself with the entire supply chain from raw materials to production from the birth of the product to the management of the sales network with all the financial aspect and his continued interest and personal ambition are his greatest incentive to continue to do well and challenge this market every day.

What is your role in the company? What is your job?
My work experience begins as a sales agent at the hairdresser on the Milan area' this experience lasted about 4 years 'then the transition of category as head of Lombardy area with the management of 8 sellers' experience lasted 2 years' after which in 1989 I decided to enter Raywell srl with the aim of developing the wholesale-distributor network 'a hard work (many and many kilometers) that allowed me to know very well the market from north to south Italy and many people ' a hard work 'a lot of kilometers) that allowed me to know very well the market from north Italy and many people ' with whom I still collaborate today. In 1997 Raywell Ltd. owned by the Dionisi family became the current Intercosmetics Ltd. the company began to grow under the Raywell brand, thus associating the Envie brand previously studied for the wholesale market and for the foreign market. In 2012 the Extremo and Envy brand was also born, which is also placed in the market segments that are still free. We arrive today: my position as General Manager Operational and my strong interest in the work have allowed me to know very well the whole supply chain' from raw material to production 'from the birth of the product to its marketing' from the management of the sales network to the financial aspect' my continuous interest and personal ambition are my greatest stimulus to continue to do well and challenge every day this market increasingly inflated and where all the trade rules fail because of those who in order to survive sell the product' ruining the market trying to copy everything that other companies (including mine) have formulated through market research and the use of highly qualified internal staff.

What does the market require today?
Today the market requires very clear things:

1 salesperson-to-customer ratio

2 highest quality

3 competitiveness in the prices charged

4 timeliness in serving the customer

5 slenderness in customer management

6 stylistic technical supports

They seem like very easy rules' but it's not. They must be managed very well and each point needs in-depth knowledge and staff able to do their job very well 'just a weak link in the chain and the risk of disgruntled the customer becomes high 'this is what should not happen' since all customers are important.

What do you think of natural products? Are they a good alternative to classic products?
The natural lines for vegan hair 'bio' green' ect that are emerging in recent months are trying to follow a niche strand trying to replace the traditional lines for skin and hair already on the market. The end customer seems to be receptive but he is also very careful' so even in this case getting the right certifications is necessary in order to make a proposal that is in line with expectations. Surely the market costs of these lines will be higher than traditional ones' also because the cost-formula if you use certified raw materials are. Having said that I believe that vegan hair products 'bio' green' ect can acquire a slice of the market 'but be careful (!) you have to respect the rules of the game and not play down' but aim for the only quality if we do not want to risk that in a short time this strand will run out .

What is your opinion on social networks and e-commerce?
Social networks are information channels more and more used by the public 'every day new rubrics are born that deal with fashions and market trends' in a few months everything seems to become old ' tell a product' a trend has become easy and immediate and easily visible to fans of social.
In e-commerce there is everything at all prices 'a world no longer manageable' everyone is free to propose what he wants at the price he wants'I personally believe that this type of sale should be regulated and also authorized and agreed with the manufacturer 'that instead ' often' finds itself having to give its customers justifications about the proposed prices and the authenticity of the product on sale in the different sites.

Are fairs an important event? What would you like to find us?
For the company, national and international trade fairs are an important high-return investment both in the view of the brand's visibility and for the help in being able to meet and be found by the various foreign distributors; the important thing is to prepare the event in time' by setting up meetings with previously contacted people and not waiting at the stand for someone to visit you by accident. Business growth today can only continue by opening new markets abroad.

Does your company have a website? Is it always up to date? How much is it? Do you have any dedicated people? Do you have at least good visibility?
The company website is another strength 'must always be up to date and attractive'lean and easy: in a few clicks the company must be presented and its added highlighted' that's why we employ professional collaborators for the development and creation of our sites. When asked if there is the ideal company 'I answer' maybe' on paper. The company consists of many people ' each different from the other ' each with their own ideas and needs ' each with its own role ' all important ' but often it is the symbiosis of the group that lacks the internal jealousies between the various departments (everyone thinks it is indispensable ) and partly it is true ' but the winning key is to have trusted staff who believe in the company ' in its role and in its future in the company and that every day has the time think that his work is important not only for what he has done internally' but for what he is doing for the growth of the company and for its perception and evaluation by customers and competitors.

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