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Valter Sartori, one of the founders and general manager of sales of Gamma Plus, started his business as an electrical components assembler.
Over the years, his desire to make his ideas reality has led him to become one of the most important manufacturers of hair accessories for the professional market.
Leading an innovative business, focused on both technology and sustainability, Valter is now one of the most important Hair & Beauty businessmen internationally.
Despite being constantly engaged in his activity, Valter is a great sportsman and a lover of long walks in contact with nature, an activity that brings him inspiration and reflection.

How did you experience the beginnings of your activity?
At first it was very hard, from simple assembler of electrical components to manufacturer of Phon, Plates and Irons for the professional market.

Was it a difficult transition?
The transition was not easy but the desire to manufacture, produce something that could be used, shown, marketed, your idea turned into reality has always fascinated me, gave me the strength to move forward for 25 years.

How would you describe your company?
I believe and affirm it without fear that GAMMA MORE is a highly innovative company, that does not fear the present and that believes in a better future, always looking for new technologies that can improve the work of the hairdresser respecting the environment, today more than ever neglected.

What can you tell us about the commercial department?
The commercial department of the Range plus is made up of direct officials, professionals who believe in the Range project more and who know how to team up.

The new frontier of distribution?
Today more than ever Gamma more turns to the professional listening very carefully to requests, various suggestions, we follow schools and events in support of hairdressers. All this because these days the wholesaler no longer has the time or maybe even the desire to explain a product that takes some of its time, now the research is aimed at products easy to sell even if sometimes of low quality. This in the long run penalizes much of the ITALIAN production chain, MADE IN ITALY, benefiting other types of products. I remain convinced of my CREDO, the QUALITY OF THE LONG PAGA AND PAGHERA' ALWAYS.

Has your company ever received awards?
In 25 years of activity we have not received any awards or medals to be exhibited on the board, but we have the recognition of the big companies, the various hairdressing associations worldwide that have relied on our brand, our products. This underlines the quality achieved over the years.

The best customer feedback?
Gamma Plus, however, has remained with her feet on the ground, solidity, concreteness and a lot of healthy humility.

Communication: development or flop of social networks?
Social networks and the internet itself have changed and will change the commercial world, we will know everything about everyone for better or for worse. Great tool to use very carefully.

Will accessories have new weight in service management?
Accessories, however, are of great importance especially when designed to improve the work of professionals.

If he could solve a serious problem facing humanity, which one would he choose?
Humanity is plagued by so many problems, I think that if each of us looked around, we might see a neighbor in distress. A small gesture, a help if done by each of us could make this world better.

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