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XTRO FINISH - XTRO' - Hair Gel - Finish

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XTRO' - Hair Gel - Finish

ECO SPRAY - 10 x formula - Ultra strong
No gas hairspray with strong holding power for hairstyles that require ultra modern styling and high turnover. Comes off with a few brush strokes, leaving no residue.

box: 350 ml bottle, Fl.Oz 11.83.

XTREME GEL - formula x 10 - Ultra strong
Modeling gel wet with Panthenol, based on a formula from the estate professional ulta strong and supple for modern hairstyles and creative.
box: 200 ml tube, Fl.Oz 6.76.

Oil - no oil, fluid modeling for hair. Ideal for all hair types, creates a sheath on the cuticle of the hair, making it elastic and protecting it from external agents. Non-greasy and non-staining.
box: 150 ml bottle, Fl.Oz 5.07.

stringy WAX
Wax melted wax Candelilla with soft glossy effect not a fixative. Professional formula that allows you to create a new trend desired effect on the individual strands of hair.
method of use : spread a small amount of melted wax on the palm of the hand working it with your fingers, and apply the product on the hair strands clean and dry.
box: 100 ml jar, Fl.Oz 3.38.

Innovative product based Oryza sativa for the beauty treatment of dry, dull hair. Its shiny and silky gives shine to the hair protecting them by the formation of split ends.
method of use : put a few drops on your palm and apply by massaging your hair, then dry as usual. It can be used on both wet and dry hair.
box: 50 ml glass, Fl.Oz 1.76.