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Permanent colour without ammonia oxidation plants rich in oils and herbal keratin substitutes

• latest generation colour , which binds water and mineral oil for maximum penetration and distribution of dyes within the hair;
• mineral oil is present in the dye tube , in the developer;
• cream-gel texture for uniform application and pleasing;
• No fragrance.
Search results:
• perfect color is long-lasting and ultra-brillante;
• perfect coverage of white hair until 100%;
• up to 3 bleaching shades;
• extreme respect for the hair and scalp.

shades: available in 64 shades divided into 9 Series: NATURAL INTENSE , natural , AUBURN , , GOLDEN BROWN , MAHOGANY , ROSSI , BLUE , IRISÈ/ASH/VIOLINS.

directions for use: to obtain the best results use the developer YZAÉ-specific and do not mix with other colors.
-To brighten up a tone: developer YZAÈ to 12 vol.
-Lighten up to 2 shades: developer 20 vol YZAÈ to.
-Lighten up to 3 tones: YZAÈ to developer 30 vol.
Dilution formula: 1 + 1. Up to 50% of white hair: apply 60 ml of nuance YZAÈ choice + 60 ml specific developer YZAÈ. From 50% to 100% of white hair: mix 40 ml of nuance YZAÈ choice with 20 ml of natural YZAÈ (on the same tone height) + 60 ml specific developer YZAÈ.

packaging: 60 ml tube.

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